Colloquia & Special Lectures


Physics Colloquia are held Mondays during the academic year when classes are in session at 4:00 pm in Schwartz Auditorium, Rockefeller Hall.  Refreshments are available at 3:30 pm in the foyer outside of the auditorium. Scheduled colloquia are listed under "Upcoming Events" below.

  • Planned colloquia
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  • Past Colloquia talks:



    January 22

    Robert F. Gilmour, Jr. – Cornell University

    Title:  Electrical Restitution and Cardiac Fibrillation


    January 29

    Eanna Flanagan – Cornell University

    Title:  Unstable Rossby Modes in Newly Born Neutron Stars


    February 5

    Francis J. DiSalvo – Cornell University

    Title:  The Search for New Thermoelectric Materials or How Does a Condensed Matter Physicist Exploit Chemistry


    February 12

    Charles Marcus – Harvard University

    Title:  Small Electronics and Quantum Chaos


    February 19

    Raman Sundrum – John Hopkins University

    Title:  Extra Dimensions, the Hierarchy Problem and Gravitational Resonances at Particle Colliders


    March 5

    Sidney Redner – Boston University

    Title:  The Statistical Mechanics of Popularity


    Mar. 12, Joint with Peace Studies Program and Science and Technology Studies

    Jeremiah Sullivan – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Title:  Prospects for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty


    March 26

    Richard Galik – Cornell University

    Title:  Measurements of the Michel Parameters in Lepton Decays


    April 2

    Glennys Farrar – New York University

    Title:  Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays:  Astrophysics Causing Trouble for Particle Physics, or Vice Versa?


    April 9

    Anupam Garg – Northwestern University

    Title:  Spin Tunneling: Magnetic Molecules and Mathematical Mysteries


    Apr. 16 – The Bethe Lectures

    Wick C. Haxton – University of Washington

    Title:  Solar Neutrinos and Neutrino Oscillations


    Apr. 23 The Bethe Lectures

    Wick C. Haxton – University of Washington

    Title:  Supernovae and Nucleosynthesis


    April 30

    Hal Evans – Columbia University

    Title:  The D0 Experiment:  Now . . . and Later





    Fall 2001 Schedule


    September 3

    Edwin Salpeter – Cornell University

    Title:  Heavy Elements in the Galaxy and Tuberculosis in the USA


    September 10

    Sol Gruner and Maury Tigner – Cornell University

    Title:  Energy Recovery Linac


    September 17

    Josh Klein – University of Pennsylvania

    Title:  The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory and the Solar Neutrino Problem


    September 24

    Juan Maldacena – Harvard University

    Title:  QCD, Strings and Black Holes:  The Large N Limit of Field Theories and Gravity


    October – The Salpeter Lecture Series

    John Carlstrom – University of Chicago

    Title:  A New Measurement of Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy from the South Pole


    October 8 - Fall Break


    October 15

    Sidney Redner – Boston University

    Title:  The Statistical Mechanics of Popularity


    October 22 – The Kieval Lecture

    Eric Cornell – NIST

    Title:  Artifice and Equilibrium:  Experiments with Synthetic and Natural Vortices in a Superfluid Gas


    October 29

    Ray Goldstein – University of Arizona



    November 5

    J.C. Seamus Davis – UC Berkeley

    Title:  Using Individual Impurity Atoms to Study High-Tc


    November 12

    Richard L. Liboff – Cornell University

    Title:  Quantum Billiards and Quantum Chaos


    November 19 – No Colloquium


    November 26

    A.J. Stewart Smith – Princeton University

    Title:  Observation of CP Violation at the B Factories


    December 3

    David Hammer – Cornell University

    Title:  Studies of Extremely High Energy Density Plasmas with Picosecond Time Resolution














































    Spring 2002 Schedule


    January 21

    Matthias Neubert – Cornell University

    Title:  Flavor Delicacies (A Tour Trough the Mysteries of Matter)


    January 28

    Riccardo Giovanelli – Cornell University

    Title:  Into Thin Air:  The Atacama Telescope Project


    February 4

    Dong Lai – Cornell University

    Title:  Matter and Radiation in Superstrong Magnetic Fields


    February 11

    Barbara A. Baird – Cornell University

    Title:  A Biophysical View of Immune Receptor Action


    February 18

    Serge Lemay – Delft University

    Title:  Two-Dimensional Imaging of Electronic Wavefunctions in Carbon Nanotubes


    February 25 – The Bethe Lectures

    Stanford Woosley – UC Santa Cruz

    Title:  Core Collapse Supernovae


    March 4 - BETHE LECTURE

    Stanford Woosley – University of California at Santa Cruz

    Title:  Type la Supernovae


    March 11

    Hitoshi Murayama – University of California at Berkeley

    Title:  Big World of Small Neutrinos


    March 18 – Spring Break


    March 25, Joint with Cornell Libraries

    Marty Blume – Editor in Chief, APS

    Title:  The Physical Review and Physics Publishing:  Past and Future


    April 1

    Lawrence Krauss – Case Western Reserve University

    Title:  Life, the Universe, and Nothing:  The Future of Life in an Expanding Universe


    April 8

    Csaba Csaki – Cornell University

    Title:  The Physics of Extra Dimensions




    April 15

    Susanne Arney – Bell Labs., Lucent Technologies

    Title:  Design for Reliability of MEMS/MOEMS for Lightwave Telecommunications


    April 22 – The Thomas Gold Lecture Series

    Frank Shu – President, Tsinghua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

    Title:  Protostellar Winds and Jets


    April 29

    Karel Svoboda – Cold Springs Harbor Imaging Synaptic Title:  Function in the Brain








































    Fall 2002 Schedule


    September 2

    Katepalli Sreenivasan – Yale University

    Title:  Cosmic Background Radiation and Hydrodynamic Turbulence


    September 9

    Mark Chen – Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

    Title:  Solving the Solar Neutrino Problem with the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory


    September 16

    Paul McEuen – Cornell University

    Title:  Electronics and Mechanics with Single Molecules


    September 23

    David Huse – Princeton University

    Title:  Quantum Phase Transitions in Randomly Inhomogeneous Solids


    September 30

    Nima Arkani-Hamad – Harvard University

    Title:  Adventures in Theory Space


    October 7 – The Bethe Lectures

    Carl E. Wieman – University of Colorado at Boulder

    Title:  Resonant BEC


    October 14 – Fall Break


    October 21 – The Parratt Memorial Lecture

    Stuart Raby – Ohio State University

    Title:  The Puzzle of Charge and Mass


    October 28

    Lawrence Gibbons – Cornell University

    Title:  Probing HEP’s Bose-Einstein Condensate: The Physics Potential of a Linear e+e- Collider


    November 4

    Matthew P.A. Fisher – University of California at Santa Barbara

    Title:  Cuprates Amiss:  Subtle Simplicity or a Matted Mess


    November 11

    Krishna Rajagopal – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Title:  The Condensed Matter Physics of QCD


    November 18

    Allen MacDonald – University of Texas at Austin

    Title:  Ferromagnetism in Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors




    November 25

    Avi Loeb – Harvard University

    Title:  The First Source of Light in the Universe


    December 2

    David DiVincenzo – IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center

    Title:  Prospects for Quantum Computation








































    Spring 2003 Schedule


    January 20

    Kurt Gottfried - Cornell University

    Title: P.A.M. Dirac and the Discovery of Quantum Mechanics


    January 27

    Naomi Makins - UIUC

    Title:  Spin Structure of the Proton:  Recent Results from HERMES


    February 3

    Dr. V. Sahakian - Cornell University

    Title: String Theory without Equations


    February 10

    Paul Selvin - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    Title:  Nanometer Resolution with Single Molecule Fluorescence Imaging: Application to Biomolecular Motors


    February 17

    Henry Kelly - President of the Federation of American Scientists

    Title:  The Future of National Science Policy


    February 24

    Nitin Samarth - Pennsylvania State University

    Title:  Semiconductor Spintronics


    March 3

    Lynn Orr - University of Rochester

    Title: Why is the Top Quark Special, and How Can We Exploit It?


    March 10

    Mats Selen - University of Illinois

    Title:  Education in Bulk:  The Introductory Physics Courses Revisions at Illinois


    March 17 - SPRING BREAK


    March 24 – The Bethe Lectures

    Bert Halperin - Harvard University

    Title: One-Dimensional Metals in Theory and Experiment


    March 31

    Hasam Padamsee - Cornell University

    Title:  Will Superconductivity Propel the Next-Generation Accelerators?


    April 7

    David Spergel - Princeton University

    Title: MAP First Year Results: Implications for Cosmology




    April 14

    Aida El Khadra - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    Title: The Charm and Beauty of Lattice QCD


    April 21

    Daniel Gauthier - Duke University

    Title: Controlling Cardiac Dynamics


    April 28 – The Salpeter Lecture Series

    Shri Kulkarni - California Institute of Technology

    Title:  Gamma-Ray Bursts: Brilliant Explosions Across the Universe 


























    Fall 2003 Schedule


    September 8

    Michelle Wang - Cornell University

    Title: Probing Gene Expression and Regulation at the Single Molecule Level


    September 15

    Stuart Freedman - University of California at Berkeley

    Title:  First Results from KamLAND


    September 22

    Eshen Ben-Jacob - Tel Aviv University

    Title:  Why Bacteria Go Complex:  Higher Flexibility for Better Adaptability


    September 29

    Scott A. Diddams - National Inst of Standards, Boulder, Colorado

    Title:  Optical Atomic Clocks: Science and Metrology on the Femtosecond Time Scale


    October 6

    Martin Schmaltz - Boston University

    Title:  New Physics at the LHC: Maybe the Little Higgs


    October 13 - FALL BREAK


    October 20

    Qun Shen – Cornell University

    Title:  X-Ray Imaging and Microscopy Applications and Future Opportunities with an ERL Source


    October 27

    Carlos Bustamante - University of California at Berkeley

    Title:  Grabbing the Cat by the Tail: Studies of the Packaging of DNA by Single Ph29 Bateriophage Particles using Optical Tweezers


    November 3

    Valery Nesvizhevsky - Institute Laue - Langevin, France

    Title:  Quantum States of Neutrons in the Gravitational Field, Short-Range Forces and Interaction of Ultracold Neutrons with Nanoparticles


    November 10

    Boris Altshuler - Princeton University and NEC Laboratories-America

    Title: Disorder + Interactions in Electronic Systems


    November 17

    Bob Ecke - Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Title: Granular Chains:  Knots, Random Walks and Statistical Mechanics



    November 24

    Jim Cordes - Cornell University

    Title: The Radio Universe:  Arecibo and Next Generation Radio Telescopes


    December 1

    Gerald Gabrielse - Harvard University

    Title: Obserations of Cold Antihydrogen and Fundamental Measurements 









































    Spring 2004 Schedule


    January 26

    Gerry Jackson - Hbar Technologies. LLC

    Title: Chasing the Dream of Antimatter Commercialization


    February 2

    Harold Rose - LBL - Government

    Title: State and Prospects of Aberration-Corrected High-Resolution Energy-Filtering Electron Microscopes


    February 9

    Gabriela Gonzalez - Louisiana State University

    Title: Gravitational Waves:  New Eyes for Physics and Astronomy


    February 16

    Greg Landsberg - Brown University

    Title:  Out-of-This World Physics:  Probing Quantum Gravity in the Lab


    February 23

    Abraham Stroock - Cornell University

    Title: Patterning Microflows


    March 1

    Sivan Kartha - Stockholm Environment Institute's Climate Program

    Title: The Carbon-Hydrogen Bond:  How Strong is the Interaction between Global Warming and the "Hydrogen Economy?"


    March 8

    Subir Sachdev - Yale University

    Title:  Quantum Phase Transitions:  From Mott Insulators to the Cuprate Superconductors


    March 15

    Joanna Aizenberg - Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

    Title:  Lessons in Optics from the Deep


    March 22 - SPRING BREAK


    March 29 – The Thomas Gold Lecture Series

    Charles Townes - University of California


    April 5

    Viet Elser - Cornell University

    Title: Phase Retrieval with Atoms, Bits and Pixels


    April 12 – The Bethe Lectures

    Bruce Winstein - University of Chicago

    Title: The Allure of the Neutral Kaons



    April 19 – The Bethe Lectures

    Bruce Winstein - University of Chicago

    Title: Searching for Patterns in the Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation


    April 26 – The Kieval Lecture

    David Spergel - Princeton University

    Title: WMAP and Beyond: Implications of Microwave Background Observations


    May 3 – The Salpeter Lecture Series

    Andrea Ghez - University of California at Los Angeles

    Title:  Unveiling a Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy


































    FALL 2004 Schedule


    August 30

    Bruce Knuteson - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Title: Searching for a Guaranteed Surprise:  Systematic Analysis of Frontier Energy Collider Data


    Sept. 6 – Labor Day, No Colloquium


    September 13

    Juan Carlos Campuzano - University of Illinois

    Title: What Does Photoemission Tell us About the Electrons in High Temperature Superconductors?


    September 20

    Cumrun Vafa - Harvard University

    Title:  Quantum Foam and Melting Crystal


    September 27

    Daniel Kleppner - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Title: Can A Boost-Phase Intercept System Assist Missile Defense?


    October 4

    David R. Nelson - Harvard University

    Title:  Spherical Crystallography:  Virus Buckling and Grain Boundary Scars


    October 11 -FALL BREAK


    October 18 – The Bethe Lectures

    Albert Libchaber - Rockefeller University

    Title:  Some Physical Aspects of the Origin of Life and of Artificial Cells


    October 25 – The Bethe Lectures

    Albert Libchaber - Rockefeller University

    Title: From Physics Techniques to Biological Observation


    November 1

    Peter Lepage - Cornell University

    Title:  The Fall and Rise of Lattice QCD, Part II:  High-Precision Lattice QCD Confronts Experiment


    November 8

    Roy Briere - Carnegie Mellon University

    Title:  First Results from CLEO-c and CESR-c


    November 15

    Michael Peskin - Stanford University

    Title:  The International Linear Collider:  The Next Step in High-Energy Electron-Positron Physics


    November 22

    Sidney Nagel - University of Chicago

    Title: Physics and the Breakfast Table


    November 29 – The Thomas Gold Lecture Series

    Geoff Marcy - University of California at Berkeley

    Title: The Properties of Planetary Systems









































    Spring 2005 Schedule


    January 24

    Dung-Hai Lee - University of California at Berkeley

    Title: From Landau Order to Topological Order


    January 31 – No Colloquium


    February 7

    Ben Widom - Cornell University

    Title:  What's New with Gibb's Absorption Equation


    February 14

    Steve Squyres - Cornell University

    Title:  Science Results from the Mars Exploration Rover Mission


    February 21

    Wolfgang Ketterle - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Title: Bose-Einstein Condensation of Atoms, Molecules, and Fermion Pairs


    February 28

    Alexander Szalay - Johns Hopkins University

    Title: Large Scale Structure of the Universe


    March 7

    Jonathan L. Rosner - Enrico Fermi Institute - University of Chicago

    Title: The Buzz of B's - News of the Fifth Quark


    March 14 – The Kieval Lecture

    Buford Price – UC Berkeley

    Title: Interconnectedness of Science: 10 12 eV Neutrinos, Climate, Volcanism, and Life in Ice


    March 21 - SPRING BREAK


    March 28

    Majorie Shapiro - UC Berkeley

    Title:  Why Does the W have Mass? Prospects for Uncovering the Source of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking


    April 4

    Matthias Troyer - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland

    Title: Simulating Quantum Phase Transitions: From Quantum Magnets to Ultra-Cold Atomic Gases


    April 11

    Ian Shipsey - Purdue University

    Title: Bringing Hearing to the Deaf - Cochlear Implants:  A Technical and Personal Account


    April 18

    Michel Devoret - Yale University

    Title: The Quantronium:  A Quantum-Mechanically Coherent Electrical Circuit Behaving Like An Atom

    April 25

    Jainendra Jain - Pennsylvania State University

    Title: Composite Fermions:  Whay They Are and What They Do


    May 2 – The Salpeter Lecture Series

    Victoria Kaspi - McGill University

    Title: Magnetars 


































    FALL 2005 Schedule


    September  5 – Labor Day


    September 12 – The Kieval Lecture

    Gary Westfall - Michigan State University

    Title: Recent Results from RHIC:  Towards a Better Understanding of Polymer-Induced Frag Reduction


    September 19

    Dung Hai Lee - University of California at Berkeley

    Title:  How to Block Nature's Tendency to Order


    September 26

    Pierre Ramond - University of Florida

    Title: Sunshine at Midnight


    October 3 – The Parratt Lecture

    Stephen Olsen - University of Hawaii

    Title:  Homeless Mesons


    October 10Fall Break


    October 17 – The Bethe Lectures

    Donald M. Eigler - IBM Almaden Research Center

    Title: Information Transport and Computation in Nanometer-Scale Structures


    October 24 – The Bethe Lectures

    Donald M. Eigler - IBM Almaden Research Center

    Title:  Single-Atom Spin-Excitation Spectroscopy


    October 31

    Karin A. Dahmen - University of Illinois - Urbana-Champsign

    Title:  Crackling Noise and Disorder:  Learning from Magnets and Earthquakes


    November 7

    John Spence - Arizona State University and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

    Title: Diffraction from a Beam of Laser-Aligned Proteins, and some Cavendish History


    November 14

    Neal Lane - Rice University

    Title:  The Future of U.S. Science - Storm Clouds on the Horizon


    November 21

    John Reppy - Cornell University

    Title:  The Search for the Super Solid


    November 28

    Paul Chaikin - New York University

    Title: Jammed Ellipsoids Beat Jammed Spheres:  Experiments with Candies, Colloids and Crystals


    Spring 2006 Schedule


    January 23

    Sarah Eno - University of Maryland

    Title: The LHC Adventure


    January 30

    Amir Yacoby - Weizmann Institute of Science, Rohovot, Israel

    Title:  Coherent Control and Manipulation of Two-Electron Spin States


    February 6

    David Weitz - Harvard University

    Title:  Dripping, Jetting, Drops, and Wetting:  The Magic of Microfluidics


    February 13 - No Seminar Today


    February 20

    Philip Kim - Columbia University

    Title:  Quantum Electrodynamics at your Pencil Tips: Dirac Fermion in Graphite


    February 27

    A. Douglas Stone - Yale University

    Title:  Einstein's Unknown Insight and the Problem of Quantizing Chaotic Motion


    March 6

    Amber Miller - Columbia University

    Title: Peeking in Ancient Holes and Seeking the Holy Grail


    March 13

    Maxim Perelstein - Cornell University

    Title: Electroweak Symmetry Breaking


    March 20 - SPRING BREAK


    March 27

    Gary Horowitz - University of California at Santa Barbara

    Title: Spacetime in String Theory


    April 3

    Barry C. Barish - California Institute of Technology

    Title: Probing the Universe for Gravitational Waves


    April 10

    Lene Hau - Harvard University

    Title: Frozen Light


    April 17 – The Salpeter Lecture Series

    Avi Loeb - Harvard University

    Title: The Frontier of 21cm Cosmology: Probing Reionization As Well As the Inflationary Initial Conditions


    April 24

    Eberhard Bodenschatz - Cornell University

    Title: The Cornell Experiments on Fluid Turbulence


    May 1

    Sunil Golwala - California Institute of Technology

    Title:  The Search for WIMP Dark Matter


    May 8

    Harold Shapiro - Princeton University

    Title: Particle Physics at the Crossroads:  Charting the Course for Elementary Particle Physics in the 21st Century  







































    FALL 2006 Schedule


    August 28

    Bill Louis - Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Title:  Searching for Neutrino Oscillations with MiniBooNE


    Sept. 4 – Labor Day


    September 11

    Mark Trodden - Syracuse University

    Title:  Gravitational Approaches to Cosmic Acceleration


    September 18

    Kerry Emanuel - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Title: Is Global Warming Increasing Hurricane Activity?


    September 25

    Persis Drell -Stanford University

    Title: GLAST:  The Gamma Ray Large Area Space Telescope


    October 2

    Csaba Csaki - Cornell University

    Title: Searching for the Mechanism of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking


    October 9Fall Break


    October 16 – The Bethe Lectures

    David Gross - Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, UC at Santa Barbara

    Title: The Search for a Theory of Fundamental Reality:  The Theory of Elementary Particles


    October 23

    Ziao-Gang Wen - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Title:  An Origin of Light, Fermions, and Gravity


    October 30

    Henry Greenside - Duke University

    Title: Songbirds and Synfire Chains


    November 6

    Greg Boebinger - Florida State University

    Title:  Levitation, Superconductivity, and the World's Largest Magnets


    November 13

    Michael Oppenheimer - Princeton University

    Title:  How Warm is Too Warm?  Global Warming, Sea Level Rise, and the Future of the Polar Ice Sheets


    November 20

    Neil Ashby - National Institute of Standards and Technology

    Title: Relativity in the Global Positioning System


    November 27

    Daniel Fisher - Harvard University

    Title:  Is Evolution Understood?  Quantitative Questions from a Statistical Mechanic







































    Spring 2007 Schedule


    January 22 - Special Physics Colloquium

    Daniel Freedman - Cornell University

    Title: Empirical Insights from a Physicist's Year as a Grunt in Iraq


    January 29 – The Kieval Lecture

    Lisa Randall - Harvard University

    Title: Searching for Warped Geometry at the LHC


    February 5

    Saul Teukolsky - Cornell University

    Title: Black Holes and Gravitational Waves


    February 12

    Steve Peggs - Brookhaven National Lab.

    Title: Accelerator Science at the LHC Frontier


    February 19

    Angela Olinto - University of Chicago

    Title: New Era in UHE AstroParticle Physics


    February 26

    Carl Bender - Washington University - St. Louis

    Title: Making Sense of Non-Hermitian Hamiltonians


    March 5

    Lars Bildsten - UC at Santa Barbara

    Title: Explosions in Accreting White Dwarfs: From Classical Novae to Supernovae


    March 12 – The Bethe Lectures

    Joe Polchinski - Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics - UC at Santa Barbara

    Title:  Gauge/Gravity Duality: From Black Holes to the Bethe Ansatz


    March 19 - Spring Break


    March 26

    Richard Packard - UC Berkeley

    Title: Superfluid Weak Links: Physics and Applications


    April 2 – The Salpeter Lecture Series

    Jonathan Lunine - University of Arizona

    Title: The Past, Present and Future of Methane of Titan


    April 9

    Matthew Pritchard - Cornell University

    Title: Imaging SubCentimeter Ground Deformation from Space



    April 16

    Richard L. Garwin - IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

    Title: A Major Expansion of Nuclear Power to Fight Global Warming? Problems and Prospects."


    April 23

    Michael Riordan - University of California

    Title: US Big-Science Lessons from the SSC


    April 30 – No Colloquium

    ALTERNATIVE: Harold Varmus Subject: Science, Policy and Education









































    Fall 2007 Schedule


    August 27
    Henry Tye - Cornell University
    Title: How Our Universe Began?

    September 3 - LABOR DAY


    September 10
    William Bialek - Princeton University
    Title: Physics Problems in Early Embryonic Development

    September 17
    Kyle Shen - Cornell University
    Title:  Shedding Light on Mysteries in the Solid State

    September 24
    David Goldhaber-Gordon - Stanford University
    Title: Designer Hamiltonians in the Laboratory: Observation of Many Body Physics in a Semiconductor Nanostructure

    October 1
    Keith Schwab - Cornell University
    Title: Quantum Mechanics with Mechanical Objects: Chasing Schrodinger's Whisker

    October 8 - FALL BREAK


    October 15
    Geoffrey West - Santa Fe Institute
    Title: Size Matters: Growth, Innovation and the Pace of Life from Cells to Cities

    October 22
    Robert Gilmour - Cornell University
    Title: Nonlinear Dynamics of Heart Rhythm Disorders

    October 23 – The Thomas Gold Lecture Series, Joint with Astronomy
    Andrew Lyne - Australia

    October 29
    Steven Kivelson - Stanford University
    Title: Electronic Liquid Crystals

    November 5
    Adam Burrows - University of Arizona
    Title: Theories of the Explosive Death of Massive Stars

    November 12
    Francis Everitt - Stanford
    Title: Testing Einstein in Space: Gravity Probe B & STEP

    November 19
    Anthony Leggett - UIUC
    Title: Testing the Limits of Quantum Mechanics: Motivation, State of Play, Prospects

    November 26
    Neal Weiner - New York University
    Title: Illuminating Dark Matter







































    Spring 2008 Schedule


    January 21
    Steven M. Girvin - Yale University
    Title: Circuit QED: What is the Electric Field of a Single Photon?

    January 28
    Seamus Davis - Cornell University
    Title: Quasiparticle Extinction Due to Mottness - the Achilles’ Heel of High-Tc Superconductivity

    February 4
    Andrew Cohen - Boston University
    Title: Electroweak Superconductivity

    February 11
    Suzanne Staggs - Princeton University
    Title:  Wringing Yet More Reality from the Cosmic Microwave


    February 18
    Denise Freed - Schlumberger-Doll Research
    Title: The Physics of Crude Oils:  What Downhole Nuclear Magnetic Resonance can tell us about Crude Oil

    February 25
    Erich Mueller - Cornell University
    Title: Ultracold Fermions

    March 3 - Special Colloquium
    Mildred Dresselhaus - President APS
    Title:  Remarkable Nanostructured Forms of Carbon


    March 10
    Eric G. Adelberger - University of Washington
    Title: Recent Gravitational Experiments and their Implications for Particle Physics

    March 17Spring Break


    March 24
    David Nelson - Harvard University
    Title: Gene Surfing in Microorganisms

    March 31
    Judy Franz - American Physics Society
    Title: An Adventure in Physics outside the Laboratory

    April 7
    Markus Greiner - Stanford University
    Title: Quantum Simulations with Ultracold Atoms

    April 14 – The Bethe Lectures
    Steve Chu - Stanford University
    Title: What We Can Learn from Single Molecule Experiments of Biological Systems

    April 21 – The Salpeter Lecture
    Alexei Filippenko - UC at Berkeley
    Title:  Evidence from Type la Supernovae for an Accelerating Universe and Dark Energy

    April 28
    Elena Aprile - Columbia University
    Subject:  The Search for Dark Matter with the XENON Equipment







































    Fall 2008 Schedule


    September 8
    Paul McEuen - Cornell University
    Title: Nano Carbon: From String Theory to Atomic Drums

    September 15
    John Clarke - UC Berkeley
    Title: The Ubiquitous SQUID: From Cosmology to Medicine

    September 22
    Maxim Perelstein - Cornell University
    Title: Physics Beyond the Standard Model: Questions for the LHC

    September 29
    Doug Glenzinski - FNAL
    Title: Twilight at the Tevatron

    October 6
    Raman Sundrum - John Hopkins
    Title: Extra Dimensions and the LHC

    October 13 - Fall Break


    October 20 – The Bethe Lectures
    Robert Kirshner-Harvard University
    Title: The Mystery of Dark Energy

    October 27
    Margaret Murnane - JILA & Univ. of Colorado
    Title: Harnessing Attosecond Science for Coherent X-Ray Generation and Applications

    November 3
    Anders Ryd - Cornell University
    Title: THE CMS Experiment: Meeting the LHC Challenge

    November 10
    John Beamish - University of Alberta, Canada
    Title: Flow and Elastic Properties of Helium: Is It a “Supersolid”?

    November 17
    Ron Poling - University of Minnesota
    Title: CESR and CLEO: Thirty Years Shaping the Standard Model

    November 24
    Natalie Mahowald - Cornell University
    Title: Desert Dust, Climate and Biogeochemistry

    December 1
    Nergis Mavalvala - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Title: Quantum Mechanics on Giant Scales

    Spring 2009 Schedule


    January 19
    Piet Brouwer - Cornell University
    Title: Quantum Transport without Planck’s Constant

    January 26
    Andrea Liu - University of Pennsylvania
    Title: The Physics of Cell Crawling

    February 2 –The  Kieval Lecture
    Paul Doherty - Exploratorium
    Title: Physics at a Science Museum

    February 9
    Eva Silverstein - Stanford University
    Title: Inflation, String Theory, and Signatures in the CMB

    February 16
    Andy Ruina - Cornell University
    Title: Rotation with Zero Angular Momentum:  Demonstrations of the Falling Cat Phenomenon Go Sour

    February 23
    Young-Kee Kim - Fermilab
    Title: E = mc^2: High Energy and Intensity Opens Windows on the World

    March 2
    Kurt Gottfried - Cornell University
    Title: Nuclear Terrorism

    March 9
    Jan Zaanen - Univ Leiden, The Netherlands
    Title: Planckian Dissipation

    March 16Spring Break


    March 23 – The Bethe Lectures
    Paul Chu - Houston/HKUST
    Title: From BCS through HTS to RTS?

    March 30
    Andrzej Buras - Technical University in Munich
    Title:  An Excursion into the Attouniverse: Probing New Physics at Very Short Distance Scales Through Rare Processes

    April 6
    Alex Gaeta - Cornell University
    Title: Interactions of Light with Atoms and Molecules in Photonic Crystal Fibers

    April 13
    John Learned - University of Hawaii
    Title: The Age of Neutrino Physics: A Rapid Overview and Description of a New 10 Kiloton Instrument Called Hanohano

    April 20
    Arjun Yodh - Univ of Pennsylvania
    Title: Melting, Frustration and Aging in Temperature-Sensitive Colloids

    April 27 – The Salpeter Lecture Series
    Giles Chabrier - Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon
    Title: Recent Results in Exoplanet Formation, Structure and Evolution






































    Fall 2009


    August 31

    Dan Ralph - Cornell University
    Title: Putting the Electron’s Spin to Work


    September 7 - Labor Day


    September 14

    Subir Sachdev - Harvard University
    Title: Quantum Criticality: from Antiferromagnets to the Cuprate Superconductors

    September 21

    Peter Fisher – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Title: WiTricity: An Odd Adventure into the Real World

    September 28

    Itai Cohen - Cornell University
    Title: Flight of the Fruit Fly


    October 5

    Paul Ginsparg – Cornell University
    Title: Open Access: From Myth to Paradox

    October 12 - Fall Break


    October 19

    Edward Farhi - MIT
    Title: A Quantum Computer Can Determine Who Wins a Game Faster Than a Classical Computer

    October 26

    Wolfgang Bauer - Michigan State University
    Title: Increasing the Number of Physics Majors - How Do We Do It?

    November 2

    Zvi Bern - UCLA
    Title: Harmony of Scattering Amplitudes: From Quantum Chromodynamics to Gravity

    November 9

    Steve Ritz - NASA
    Title: Fermi at 17 Months

    November 16

    Humphrey Maris - Brown University
    Title: “Experiments with Single Electrons in Liquid Helium”

    November 23

    Jennifer Mass - Winterthur Museum
    Title: Art Meets Science: Discovering Hidden Images and Vanishing Masterpieces in Paintings

    November 30

    Bart Selman - Cornell University
    Title: Solving Large-Scale Computational Problems Using Insights from Statistical Physics















































    Spring 2010 Schedule


    January 25

    Vinay Ambegaokar - Cornell University
    Title: Entropy and Time

    February 1

    Matthew Fisher - CalTech
    Title: Quantum Crystals, Quantum Choreography and Quantum Computing

    February 8

    Eugene Demler - Harvard University
    Title: Learning About Order from Noise

    February 15

    Andrew Mackenzie - University of St. Andrews
    Title: Complex Oxides: A New Playground for Physics and Technology

    February 22

    Stan Leibler-The Rockefeller University
    Title: Protein Sectors: History Versus Function

    March 1

    David DiVincenzo - IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
    Title: Prospects for Realizing Quantum Computers

    March 8

    Nathan Seiberg - Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
    Title: Supersymmetry and its Breaking

    March 15

    Chris Polly - Fermilab
    Title: Precision precession: How the history of g-2 wound its way to Fermilab

    March 22 - Spring Break


    March 29

    Yuval Grossman - Cornell University
    Title: Flavor Physics

    April 5

    Chad Orzel - Union College
    Title: My Dog About Science: Why Public Communication of Science is Important , and How Social Media Can Help

    April 12

    Jiwoong Park - Cornell University
    Title: Accurate Carbon Nanostructures


    April 19

    Chris Myers -Cornell University
    Title: The Curiosity of Dimensionality in Systems Biology

    April 26

    Persis Drell - Stanford
    Title: The Turn On of LCLS:  The X-Ray Free-Electron Laser at SLAC

    May 3

    Kathryn Moler - Stanford University
    Title: Mesoscopic Magnetic Measurements

    May 10 – The Salpeter Lecture

    David Spergel – Princeton

    Title: The Cosmic Microwave Background as a Probe on the Very Early Universe



































    Fall 2010 Schedule


    August 30

    Sol Gruner - Cornell University
    Title: Biomolecules Under Pressure: Why it Matters


    September 6 - Labor Day


    September 13

    Steve Strogatz - Cornell University
    Title: Writing About Math for The New York Times

    September 20

    Alyssa Apsel - Cornell University
    Title: Firefly Radios: Biologically Inspired Ultra-low Power Radio Networks

    September 27

    Louis Taillefer - Sherbrooke University
    Title: The Two Mysteries of Superconductivity

    October 4

    Daniel Schrag - Harvard University
    Title: A Path Forward on Climate and Energy

    October 4 – 8 - Messenger Lecture Series

    The Future of Fundamental Physics
    Nima Arkani-Hamed - IAS Princeton

    October 4: Setting the Stage: Space-Time and Quantum Mechanics

    October 5: Our “Standard Models” of Particle Physics and Cosmology, and Their Discontents

    October 6: Space-Time is Doomed; What Replaces It?

    October 7: Why is There a Macroscopic Universe?

    October 8: A New Golden Age of Experiments: What We Might Know By 2020

    October 11 - Fall Break


    October 18

    Andrew Millis - Columbia University
    Title: Materials with Strong Electronic Correlations: The (Theoretical) End of the Beginning?

    October 25

    Holger Mueller - UC  Berkeley
    Title: Gravitational Redshift, Equivalence Principle, and Matter Waves



    October 27 – The Thomas Gold Lecture, Special Joint Physics-Astronomy Colloquium
    Rashid Sunyaev - Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Garching, Germany
    Title: The Richness and Beauty of the Physics of Cosmological Recombination

    November 1

    Richard Schnee - Syracuse University
    Title: What’s the Matter in the Universe?  Direct Searches for WIMP Dark Matter

    November 8

    Csaba Csaki - Cornell University
    Title: Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and the Physics of the TeV Scale


    November 15

    Peter Wittich - Cornell University
    Title: CMS: The LHC Era Begins

    November 22

    Charles Marcus - Harvard University
    Title: Building Schrödinger’s Chip

    November 29

    David Meyerhofer - University of Rochester
    Title: Inertial Confinement Fusion: On the Path to Ignition



























    Spring 2011 Schedule


    January 24

    Ben Kilminster - Fermilab

    Title: Massive Search Pushes Higgs Particle into Corner at Fermilab

    January 31

    Aaron Pierce – University of Michigan

    Title: Developments in the Hunt for the Identity of the Dark Matter

    February 7

    Henry Chapman – Center for Free-Electron Laser Science DESY

    Title: Femtosecond X-Ray Protein Nanocrystallography

    February 14

    Michael Lawler – SUNY Binghamton / Cornell University

    Title: Electronic Liquid Crystal Correlations in the Pseudogap States of High Tc Superconductors

    February 21 – The Krumhansl Lecture

    Nynke Dekker – Kavli Institute of NanoScience, TU Delft

    Title: Single-Molecule Torque Spectroscopy for Biophysical Investigations

    February 28 – The Cooper Lecture

    Wim Leemans – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    Title:  Laser Plasma Accelerators:  From Dream Towards Reality

    March 7 – Cancelled


    March 14 – The Salpeter Lectures

    Sara Seager - MIT

    Title: Exoplanet Mass, Radius, and the Physics of Exoplanetary Interiors

    March 21 - Spring Break


    March 28

    William Bertsche – Swansea University

    Title: Trapped Antihydrogen

    April 4

    Anders Ryd – Cornell University

    Title:  First Year of CMS Operation: Operational Experience and First Physics Results

    April 11 – The Bethe Lectures

    Wolfgang Ketterle - MIT

    Title:  Superfluid Gases Near Absolute Zero Temperature

    April 18

    Matias Zaldarriaga – IAS Princeton

    Title: The Initial Conditions of the Hot Big Bang

    April 25

    Lars Bildsten – KITP UC Santa Barbara

    Title:  Diverse Energy Sources for Supernovae

    May 2 - Cancelled














































    Fall 2011 Schedule


    August 29

    David Mermin – Cornell University

    Title:  What has quantum mechanics to do with factoring?   Things I wish they had told me about Shor's



    September 5 – Labor Day


    September 12 – Cooper Lecture

    Thomas Mason – UCLA

    Title:  Entropy and Geometry: From Directed Self-Assembly to Phase Behavior of Custom-Shaped



    September 19

    Julia Thom – Cornell University

    Title:  The First Year of LHC Data: What We’ve Found and What We Haven’t


    September 26 – The Bethe Lectures

    Paul Alivisatos – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    Title:  The Science of Nanocrystals in Six Easy Pieces


    October 3

    Matthias Liepe – Cornell University

    Title:  RF Superconductivity.  What Makes the Cornell ERL Go?


    October 10 – Fall Break


    October 17

    Christian Ott – Caltech

    Title:  Stellar Collapse, Core-Collapse Supernovae, and the Formation of Stellar-Mass Black Holes


    October 24

    Charles Kane – University of Pennsylvania

    Title:  From Topological Insulators to Majorana Fermions


    October 31 – The Kieval Lecture

    Sean Carroll – UCLA

    Title:  The Origin of the Universe and the Arrow of Time


    November 7

    Jonathan Feng – UC Irvine

    Title:  Dark Particles: WIMPS and Beyond


    November 14 – Cancelled


    November 21

    Roberto Car – Princeton University

    Title:  Quantum Mechanics and Hydrogen Bonds


    November 28

    Stewart Prager – Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

    Title:  The Path to Magnetic Fusion Energy
















































    Spring 2012 Schedule


    January 23

    Liam McAllister – Cornell University

    Title:  Cosmological Windows on Planck-Scale Physics


    January 30

    Michael Crommie – UC Berkeley

    Title:  The Electrons in Your Pencil: Observations of a Carbon Flatland

    February 6

    Yanbei Chen – Caltech

    Title:  Kilogram-scale Mirrors as Quantum Objects


    February 13

    Charles Bennett – IBM Research

    Title:  Quantum Information, the Ambiguity of the Past, and the Complexity of the Present


    February 20

    Alex Gaeta – Cornell University

    Title:  Temporal Magnification, Compression, and Cloaking of Light


    February 27

    Rafael Lang – Purdue University

    Title:  Dark Matter and How To Discern It


    March 5 – The Parratt Lecture

    Carl Lineberger – JILA/CU Boulder

    Title:  Energy Flow and Sequestration in Partially Solvated ICN and ICN-:
    Small molecules trying to act large


    March 12 – The Salpeter Lecture

    Eliot Quataert – UC Berkeley

    Title:  Searching for the Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Wave Sources


    March 19 – Spring Break


    March 26

    Michael Peskin – Stanford University

    Title:  The Search for New Elementary Particles at the CERN Large Hadron Collider


    April 2

    Vivek Sharma – UC San Diego

    Title:  The Hunt for the Higgs Boson at CERN


    April 9 – The Thomas Gold Lecture

    Maria Zuber – MIT

    Title:  The Geophysics of Mercury from the MESSENGER Mission



    April 16

    Doug Smith – UC San Diego

    Title:  Single-molecule studies of polymer physics and viral DNA packaging


    April 23 – Cancelled


    April 30 – The Bethe Lectures

    Lisa Randall – Harvard University

    Title:  Particle Physics Today










































    Fall 2012 Schedule


    August 27

    John A. Johnson – Caltech

    Title:  Hot on the Trail of Warm Planets Orbiting Cool M Dwarfs

    Host:  Eanna Flanagan


    September 3 – Labor Day


    September 10

    Sean Hartnoll – Stanford University

    Title:  Ohm's Law and Black Holes

    Host:  Liam McAllister


    September 17

    Kyle Shen – Cornell University

    Title:  Teaching Electrons New Tricks in Artificial Quantum Materials


    September 24

    Markus Luty – UC Davis

    Title:  The Higgs Confronts Three Universes at the LHC

    Host:  Csaba Csaki


    October 1

    Ivan Bazarov – Cornell University

    Title:  Cornell High Brightness Photoinjector: Beyond the “Star Wars”


    October 8 – Fall Break


    October 15 – The Bethe Lectures

    John Carlstrom – University of Chicago

    Title:  Cosmological Physics with the Cosmic Microwave Background: New results from the South Pole Telescope

    Host:  Ira Wasserman


    October 22

    Michael Brenner – Harvard University

    Title:  Linear Algebra and the Shape of Bird Beaks

    Host:  Jane Wang


    October 29 – Cancelled


    November 5

    Kyle Cranmer – New York University

    Title:  Discovery! How we did it and what we know so far

    Host:  Jim Alexander


    November 12

    Jonathan Lunine – Cornell University

    Title:  Saturn's Moon Titan From the Inside Out


    November 19

    Lisa Whitehead – University of Houston

    Title:  Neutrino Mixing and the Daya Bay Experiment

    Host:  Julia Thom-Levy














































    Spring 2013


    January 21 – The Cooper Lecture

    Robert Beichner – North Carolina State University

    Title:  The SCALE-UP Classroom

    Host:  Rob Thorne


    January 28

    Tim Healey – Cornell University

    Title:  Nonlinear Problems for Thin Elastic Structures and the Ubiquitous Isola Bifurcation

    Host:  Andre LeClair


    February 4 – The Thomas Gold Lectures

    David Jewett – UCLA

    Title:  Comets and the Origin and Evolution of the Solar System

    Host:  Jonathan Lunine


    February 11

    Abhay Pasupathy – Columbia University

    Title:  Is Magnetism Important in the Pnictide Superconductors?

    Host: Séamus Davis & Dan Ralph


    February 18

    Jesse Thaler – MIT

    Title:  The Shape of Jets to Come:  Boosting the Search for New Physics at the LHC

    Host:  Maxim Perelstein


    February 25

    Zahid Hasan – Princeton University

    Title:  Topological Surface States: Discovery and Recent Results

    Host:  Kyle Shen


    March 4

    Harold Hwang – Stanford University

    Title:  Emergent Phenomena at Oxide Interfaces

    Host:  Kyle Shen


    March 11

    Frank Guerts – Rice University

    Title: Putting Hot Matter on a Map

    Host:  Peter Wittich


    March 18 – Spring Break


    March 25 – The Bethe Lectures

    Gordon Baym – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Title:  Two slit diffraction with highly charged particles: Niels Bohr's consistency argument that the electromagnetic field must be quantized.

    Host:  Erich Mueller


    April 1

    Senthil Todadri – MIT

    Title:  How might a Fermi surface die?

    Host:  Eun-Ah Kim


    April 8

    Shamit Kachru – Stanford University

    Title: New Horizons in Black Hole Physics and Holography

    Host:  Liam McAllister


    April 15 – The Salpeter Lecture

    Eve Ostriker – University of Maryland, College Park

    Title:  Salpeter Lecture - Self-Regulation of Star Formation in Disk Galaxies

    Host:  Jonathan Lunine


    April 22

    Suchitra Sebastian - Cambridge University

    Title:  Quantum oscillations as a tool to crack the mystery of unconventional superconductivity

    Host:  n/a Faculty Candidate


    April 29 

    François Bouchet -  Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris

    Title:  Planck Main Cosmological Results

    Host:  Liam McAllister


















    Fall 2013


    September 9

    Eun-An Kim – Cornell University

    Title:  Recent Theoretical Advances in the Study of High-Tc Superconductivity using a
    ‘Middle-top/down’ Approach


    September 16

    James Lattimer – SUNY Stony Brook

    Title:  Measuring Neutron Stars

    Host: Saul Teukolsky


    September 23

    Michelle Wang – Cornell University

    Title:  Solving Mysteries of Biology – The Power of One


    September 30 – A.D. White Pofessor – At – Large Lectures

    Nima Arkani-Hamed – IAS Princeton

    Title:  Space-Time, Quantum Mechanics and Scattering Amplitudes

    Host: Csaba Csaki & Yuval Grossman


    October 7

    J.C. Seamus Davis – Cornell University

    Title:  How Supermassive Electrons Reveal the Magnetic Mechanism of Correlated Superconductivity


    October 14 – Fall Break


    October 21

    Nigel Goldenfeld – University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign

    Title:  Phase Transitions in Early Life: Clues from the Genetic Code

    Host:  Carl Franck


    October 28

    Zhirong Huang – Stanford University

    Title: Free-Electron Lasers: from Star Wars to Molecular Movies

    Host: Georg Hoffstaetter


    November 4

    Robert J. Lang – Lang Origami

    Title:  From Flapping Birds to Space Telescopes: The Mathematics of Origami

    Host:  Itai Cohen


    November 11 – The Bethe Lectures

    Fabiola Gianotti – CERN

    Title:  Challenges and Accomplishments of the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider

    Host: Anders Ryd




    November 18

    Enectali Figueroa – MIT

    Title:  What’s the Matter with the Universe?

    Host:  Michael Niemack


    November 25

    Dam Thanh Son – University of Chicago

    Title:  Viscosity, Quark Gluon Plasma, and String Theory

    Host:  Maxim Perelstein


    December 2 – The Ralls Lecture

    Ann Nelson – University of Washington

    Title:  Uses of the Higgs

    Host:  Csaba Csaki
































    Spring 2014


    January 27

    Frans Pretorius – Princeton University

    Title:  Black Holes:  Probes of the Cosmos and Fundamental Physics

    Host:  Eanna Flanagan


    February 3 – The Cooper Lecture

    Catherine Kallin – McMaster University

    Title:  Topological Superconductivity

    Host:  Eun-Ah Kim


    February 10

    Tom Kinoshita – Cornell University

    Title:  Tenth-Order QED Contribution to the Electron g – 2 and High Precision Test of QED and Standard Model


    February 24 – The Kieval Lecture

    Peter Schiffer – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Title:    Frustration by Design:  Artificial Spin Ice

    Host:  Seamus Davis


    March 3

    Giorgio Gratta – Stanford University

    Title:  The EXO Program and the Quest for Majorana Neutrino Masses

    Host:  Jim Alexander


    March 10

    Peter Galison – Harvard University

    Title:  Wastelands and Wilderness: Nuclear Lands

    Hosts:  Jim Sethna/Katheel Vogel


    March 17 – The Krumhansl Lecture

    Michael Devoret – Yale University

    Title: Superconducting Artificial Atoms:  The Quest for Unlimited Qubit Coherence

    Host:  Paul McEuen


    March 24

    Mukund Vengalattore – Cornell University

    Title:  Imprinting the Quantum: Measure still for Measure


    March 31 – Spring Break


    April 7 – The Bethe Lectures

    David Awschlaom – University of Chicago

    Title:  Beyond Electronics:  Abandoning Perfection for Quantum Technologies

    Host:  Jeevak Parpia



    April 14 – The Gold Lecture

    J. Richard Bond – Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics

    Title:  Unveiling Fundamental Physics from the First Light, Revealing Simplicity & Complexity in the Universe at Large

    Host:  Ira Wasserman


    April 21 – The Salpeter Lecture

    Adam Showman – University of Arizona

    Title:  Weather on Remote Worlds: The Atmospheric Circulation of Exoplanets

    Host:  Dong Lai


    April 28 – The Messenger Lecture

    Lenny Susskind – Stanford University

    Title:  The Birth of the Universe and the Origin of Laws of Physics

    Host:  Paul Ginsparg


    May 5

    Liam McAllister & Mike Niemack – Cornell University

    Title:  Quantum Gravity in the Sky? CMB Measurements as a Window on Planck-Scale Physics



























The Bethe Lecture Series

That Physics and related disciplines flourish today at Cornell is due in large measure to the vision and example of one man:  Hans Albrecht Bethe.  He has trained scores of young scientists who have gone on to make important contributions of their own and he wrote reviews of nuclear and atomic physics that became the bible of a generation of researchers.

Hans A. Bethe joined Cornell’s faculty in 1936, and his research extended across fields as diverse as the quantum theory of solids and the nuclear processes that power the sun, receiving the Nobel Prize for the latter work in 1967.

Bethe retired from Cornell after forty years on the physics faculty.  To honor and commemorate his service to Cornell, the University established an endowed Lectureship in his name in 1977.  This lectureship will bring to Cornell distinguished persons working in physics to enrich and stimulate the intellectual atmosphere of the University in the manner that Hans Bethe did throughout his career.