Administrative & Technical Staff

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Prof. Dan Ralph, Department Chair (working remotely)
109 Clark Hall,

Prof. Csaba Csaki, Director of Graduate Studies
469 Physical Sciences Building

Prof. Liam McAllister, Director of Undergraduate Studies
461 Physical Sciences Building

Paula L. Epps-Cepero, Director of Administration
113 Clark Hall
(607) 255-6022
Directs department business operations, oversees administrative and technical staff. Manages areas of finance, budget, personnel and facilities. Coordinates teaching program, assigns graduate teaching assistants. Click here to share a suggestion with the Cornell Physics Department. (You will first be sent to authentic to ensure you are a Cornell user. This information is NOT being collected by the survey.)

Kacey Acquilano, Administrative Supervisor (working remotely)
109 Clark Hall
Provides administrative support to the Chair and the Director of Administration. Responsible for graduate student records and faculty and graduate student appointments.

Karl Hill
119 Clark Hall
Accounts and purchasing coordinator and payroll representative for the Physics Department.

Kathleen Hunt
250 Rockefeller Hall
Testing Center Assistant

Sue Sullivan, Undergraduate and Events Coordinator
117 Clark Hall
Responsible for colloquia, special lectures, and undergraduate majors.  Back-up for duplicating work.

Danyel Wierson, Course Coordinator
121 Clark Hall
enrollment email:
Responsible for classroom and course scheduling, grading and course information, registration and enrollments. Also responsible for textbook and desk copy orders, course evaluations, and social media.

Sarah Winters, Graduate Admissions Coordinator
117 Clark Hall
Responsible for graduate admissions, recruitment, new graduate student orientation and web page management.

Technical Staff:

Phil Krasicky 
B-1 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 255-6021
Teaching Support Specialist. Develops and enhances instructional laboratory experiments and lecture demonstrations for undergraduate physics courses, in consultation with faculty, instructors, and technical staff, effectively utilizing computers, technical programs, and web technology. Oversees technical staff in the production, fabrication, and implementation of experiments and demonstrations.

Nicholas Szabo, Jr.
308 Clark Hall
(607) 255-2374
Director of Advanced Labs. Responsible for the advanced experimental teaching labs for physics seniors (Physics 4410) and for graduate students (Physics 5510). About eighty different experiments are available in a wide range of areas for students to choose from. The advanced labs are located on the 3rd and 4th floors in Clark Hall.

Eric Banta
B-27 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 255-6034
Serves as the Rockefeller Building Manager overseeing upkeep of the facility and the distribution of building keys. Provides technical support for the teaching labs in all of the introductory physics courses, with main focus on the introductory course Physics 1101/1102. The labs are located on the basement level and on the second floor of Rockefeller Hall. Additional support is provided for the electronic circuits course, Physics 3360, in Clark Hall.

Mark Lory-Moran
B-27 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 255-2398
Provides technical support for the teaching labs of the physics courses in Rockefeller Hall, including: the undergraduate engineering sequences Physics 1112, 2213, 2214, their counterparts for majors Physics 1116, 2217, 2218, the introductory courses offered to non-majors Physics 1101-1102, 2207-2208, the intermediate undergraduate lab Physics 3310, and the electronic circuits course Physics 3360. Also serves as the Assistant Building Manager to Rockefeller Hall as needed.

Jenny Wurster
202 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 255-2371
Teaching support specialist for the large undergraduate physics lectures in Physics 1112, 1116, 1201, 1203, 1204, 2207, 2208, 2213, 2214, 2217, and 2218. Sets up and maintains the equipment used in the lecture demonstrations, most of which take place on the second floor in the south wing of Rockefeller Hall.