Information for Colloquium Speakers

About Air Travel:

If you are making your own travel plans, please be sure to reserve your flight well in advance of your trip. Reservations made in advance will definitely save on the price of your airline ticket. For information about area airports and travel options, please contact Sue Sullivan

There are two main airports that people use when coming to Cornell:

Visitors arriving at Ithaca Tompkins airport will have the option of a free shuttle to your hotel as well as ample taxi service or a rental car should you desire one.

Visitors arriving in Syracuse have options for traveling to Ithaca including a rental car, taxi or limo service and local buses. Please visit the following links for information about transportation options around Ithaca.

Related Travel Links:

If you need any assistance with your travel plans, please contact Susan Sullivan

Event Coordination:

Information needed at least one month prior to your talk at Cornell:Please e-mail the following information to Sue Sullivan, Events Coordinator,

  • Travel itinerary
  • Title of talk (for use on poster)
  • Abstract Image (gif file) to be used on posters announcing talk.
  • Additional web pages and/or papers, if you so desire; these are not required.

Please check which audio-visual requirements are needed for your talk and return this information to Susan Sullivan at least one week in advance.

  • laser pointer (standard item which does not require request)
  • wireless microphone (standard item which does not require request)
  • Internet access (standard item which does not require request)
  • digital video projector (LCD) (standard item which does not require request)
  • audio for laptop computer
  • none

Important: You'll sign a travel reimbursement form while you are here. Upon your return home, please scan receipts and send to

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sue Sullivan