Ivan Bazarov



Accelerators, Photocathodes, Beam Dynamics

Research Focus

The main topics in my research are photoemission sources and beam dynamics in accelerators. Presently, my group concentrates on the production of high brightness electron beams and their applications such as ultrafast imaging of molecules, and providing the necessary beams for particle and nuclear physics. The group pushes the state-of-the-art of photocathodes for accelerators as well as for high-energy detectors. Computationally, our interests include modeling the physics of photoemission, intense beam dynamics, and novel optimization methods of accelerators both at the design and the operation stages.

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Graduate Students

Sam Levenson


HERACLES: A high-voltage DC test beamline for high average current photocathodes
Matthew Andorf, Jai Kwan Bae, Adam Bartnik, Luca Cultrera, Jared Maxson, and Ivan Bazarov
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A 1052 (2023) 168240

Operation of Cs-Sb-O activated GaAs in a high voltage DC electron gun at high average current
Jai Kwan Bae, Matthew Andorf, Adam Bartnik, Alice Galdi, Luca Cultrera, Jared Maxson, and Ivan Bazarov
AIP Advances 12 (2022) 095017

Experimental Characterization of Photoemission from Plasmonic Nanogroove Arrays
Christopher M. Pierce, Daniel B. Durham, Fabrizio Riminucci, Scott Dhuey, Ivan Bazarov, Jared Maxson, Andrew M. Minor, and Daniele Filippetto
Physical Review Applied 19 (2023) 034034

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