How to Swap Physics Class Components


1. Open Student Center. Make note of the components you are currently enrolled in by number, ex: 209, not by day/s & time.

2. Address any possible time conflicts before proceeding. You can not swap into a class if there is a time conflict. Drop or move the conflicting class now before making the Physics swap.

3. Find an open component that fits into your schedule with no conflicts. This can be done for multiple component swaps within one class. Make note of the class number/s for the open components you wish to swap into. If you have anything in your shopping cart, remove it and log out and log back in before proceeding. From Student Center > Enrollment > Swap

4. Select the class you are changing from the drop-down menu

5. In the bottom box, enter the class number of the open component you are swapping into. If you are swapping multiple components, enter the class number of one of the new open components > Enter

6. On the next two screens, you will be asked to select the remaining components for the class. If you aren’t changing the component, enter the component numbers you are currently enrolled in from step 1. It  does not matter if a component you are keeping is listed as closed; you are not making changes to that component. If you are changing the component, select the new component you wish to swap to. > Enter after each screen

7. This screen will show your chosen components. If this isn’t what you intended, go back and revise. If your class is set up as you intended > Enter

8. This screen will show you your original component listing on the top and your new component listing on the bottom. If everything appears as it should > Finish Swapping

9. You should receive a note that says “Success.” If you don’t, you will get an error message. Correct the error and try again. If there is a time conflict, the conflicting class will be displayed. Address the conflict to proceed and verify that the only things in your shopping cart are the classes your'e working with. Then return to step 3. If that doesn't work, clear everything from your shopping cart, log off, log back on, and try again

10. Ensure that you are attending the correct discussion and lab. Scheduler and other third-party apps frequently grab the number of the first section listed during a time period when you may actually be enrolled in the second or third section being held at that time.

11. If you run into any problems, see me in 121 Clark from 8:30 – 10:30 am or 12:30-4:00 pm.