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Kurt Gottfried

Professor Emeritus

Kurt Gottfried

441 Savage Fram Drive

Educational Background

B.Eng., 1951. M.S., 1952, McGill University. Ph.D., 1955, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Junior Fellow, Harvard University, 1955-58. Research Fellow, Bohr Institute & Harvard, 1958-60. Assistant Professor, Physics, Harvard University, 1960-1964. Associate Professor, Physics, Cornell University, 1964-68. Professor, Physics, Cornell University, 1968 - 1998. Professor Emeritus, Cornell University, 1998-present. Department Chair, Physics, Cornell University, 1991-94. Visiting appointments at: Massachusetts Institute of Technology; CERN, Geneva. Chair, American Physical Society Committee on International Freedom. Chair, American Physical Society Division of Particles and Fields, 1981. American Physical Society Councilor-at-Large, 1990-94. Member, American Physical Society Executive Board, 1992-94. American Physical Society Szilard Award, 1991. Chair, Board of Directors, Union of Concerned Scientists, 1999-2009. Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Member, Council on Foreign Relations.


Foundations of quantum mechanics


  • Physics


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