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Brad Ramshaw

Assistant Professor

Brad Ramshaw

Clark Hall, Room 531

Educational Background

BSc (Hons.)-Physics and computer science,University of British Columbia, 2002-2007. PhD-Physics, University of British Columbia, 2007-2012. Postdoctoral Researcher, Los Alamos National labs, National High Magnetic Field Lab, 2012-2015.  Staff Scientist, Los Alamos National Labs, National High Magnetic Field Lab, 2015-2016. Assistant Professor, Cornell University, Physics, 2017-present. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Post-Graduate Scholarship-Doctorate, 2010. Martin and Beate Block Physics Award, Aspen Winter Conference, 2011. Postdoc Poster Award, Los Alamos National Labs, 2013. Director’s Fellow Postdoctoral Researcher, Los Alamos National Labs, 2013. Postdoc Publication Prize in Experimental Sciences, Los Alamos National Labs, 2015. Postdoc Publication Prize in Actinide Science, Los Alamos National Labs, 2016. Lee Osheroff Richardson Science Prize, 2017. Member, American Physical Society. Kavli Fellow.



Our lab designs and builds unique experiments to probe the fundamental transport and thermodynamic properties of quantum materials—systems that exhibit non-trivial quantum phenomena. Current examples of our research include the identification of unique phases of matter in topological semimetals, uncovering broken symmetries in high-Tc superconductors using ultrasound, and probing topological superconductivity using the unique experimental technique of resonant ultrasound spectroscopy.


  • Physics

Graduate Fields

  • Physics


  • Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics (LASSP)



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