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Andre Leclair


Andre Leclair

Educational Background

B.S., 1982, Massachusets Institute of Technology. Ph.D., 1987, Harvard University. Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University, 1987-89. Assistant Professor, Physics, Cornell University, 1989-95. Associate Professor, Physics, Cornell University, 1995-2003. Professor, Physics, Cornell University, 2003-present. Visiting appointments at: Institute for Theoretical Physics, U.C. Santa Barbara; Centre d'Energie Atomiquie (Saclay), Paris, France; University of Montreal; University of Paris at Jussieu; University Autonoma de Madrid, Spain; Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK; Galileo Inst. for Theoretical Physics, Florence, Italy; Ecole Normal Superieur, Paris, France; CBPF, Rio de Janeiro, IIP, Natal, Brazil.  Awards: Phi Beta Kappa, 1982. Alfred P. Sloan foundation Fellow, 1992. National Young Investigator Award, 1993.



Quantum field theory for condensed matter, mathematical physics, cold atoms, topological insulators, integrable systems, theory of zeta functions.  


  • Physics

Graduate Fields

  • Physics


  • Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education (CLASSE)
  • Laboratory for Elementary-Particle Physics (LEPP)


Cold atoms. Critical point of 2d Bose gas, Riemann Hypothesis.


Spring 2022