AS student combines tour guide job, internship for summer in Ithaca

By: Yvette Lisa Ndlovu,  AS Communications
Thu, 06/29/2017

On the famous list of the “161 Things to Do at Cornell” is spending a summer in Ithaca. From doing research with a professor to assisting with summer programs, students say spending a summer at Cornell can be a rewarding experience.

“This is my second summer staying in Ithaca,” said Alice Jenkins ‘18. “I would absolutely recommend staying a summer in Ithaca. It’s the best time of year to explore the beautiful nature in this area.”

Jenkins is working as a campus tour guide with Cornell Visitor Relations, also has a job with Cornell Cooperative Extension as a jail re-entry intern and is studying for the LSAT. In her Cooperative Extension position, Jenkins is helping to create a mentorship program for inmates released from the Tompkins County Jail. The program supports former inmates with housing, transportation, food and other needs in order to aid their re-entry back into the community and reduce recidivism rates in Tompkins County.

“Staying in Ithaca is a great option for students who are taking a class, doing research or working on campus or in Ithaca,” Jenkins said. “I found an enriching internship in Ithaca through Cornell Cooperative Extension.”

Jenkins, who is a physics major and creative writing minor, is one of four student managers at Cornell Visitor Relations. She gives general campus tours that cover academics, student life and dining for prospective students and visitors. Being a student manager entails additional responsibilities such as handling schedules, training new tour guides and planning events.

“Summer is my favorite time to work as a tour guide because even though campus is a little quieter, Ithaca is magnificent in the summer,” Jenkins said. “I feel really proud to show people around our campus and share the beauty with them.”

Jenkins also described a summer in Ithaca as a great way to meet new people and try new activities that most students don’t have time to do during the academic year, such as paddleboarding on Cayuga Lake.

“The summer offers a unique opportunity to meet students you wouldn’t normally run into during the year,” Jenkins said. “Because there are fewer students on campus, different groups tend to mingle more. It’s fun to branch out and make new connections.”

Yvette Lisa Ndlovu is a communications assistant for the College of Arts Sciences. 

Alice Jenkins ‘18