Oculus Education Partners with Research Institutions to Explore VR's Impact on Learning Outcomes

"Knowledge Is Power
The mission of Oculus Education is to empower communities through VR’s ability to positively impact learning and to support equitable access for all. To accomplish that goal, we need to understand how VR can have the greatest impact on learning outcomes across a variety of scenarios. Beyond our efforts to dig into existing research around VR and learning, the Oculus Education team sponsors new research to help us pinpoint and maximize VR’s educational potential across pedagogy, academia, secondary and university-level education, professional training, life-long learning, and collaboration across disciplines.

We’ve partnered with several research institutions to design data-driven research projects that help us better understand which properties of VR may have the greatest impact on learning, under which conditions, and in what subject matters and environments. Read on to learn more about what they’ll explore.


Cornell Virtual Embodiment Lab
Andrea Stevenson Won, Natasha Grace Holmes, Jonathan Schuldt, and their labs will develop a curriculum to compare the effectiveness of learning activities through table-top activities, computer simulations, and immersive, hands-on simulation in VR to better understand the tradeoffs and advantages of each. Beyond rote learning, this study will measure conceptual understanding, attitudes, and motivation while exploring the mechanics of moon phases and their impact on tides and sea levels."

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