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Richard Talman

Professor Emeritus

Newman, Floyd D. Laboratory, Room 216

Educational Background

 B.A., 1956, University of Western Ontario. M.A., 1957, University of Western Ontario. Ph.D., 1963, California Institute of Technology. Assistant Professor, Physics, Cornell University, 1963-66. Associate Professor, Physics, Cornell University, 1966-71. Professor, Physics, Cornell University, 1971-present. Visiting appointments at: Stanford University; CERN, Geneva; UC-Berkeley; University of Chicago; SSC Laboratory, Dallas; University of Texas at Austin; Duke University; Rice University; UC Davis. Fellow, American Physical Society. Author, Geometric Mechanics, second edition, Wiley-VCH, 2007, and Accelerator X-Ray Source, Wiley-VCH, 2006.


Accelerator physics; electromagnetic radiation; nonlinear mechanics; computer simulation; accelerators as x-ray sources


  • Physics


  • Laboratory for Elementary-Particle Physics (LEPP)


My recent efforts have been devoted to two research topics.  One has been planning for a next generation of accelerators following the LHC p,p collider at CERN.  At this time the most promising project appears to be a two-step program in China.  First would be an e+e- "Higgs Factory" CEPC, described in a pre-CDR report of which I am one of (many) co-authors. This would be followed later by a 100 TeV p,p collider in the same tunnel SPPC.

My more significant efforts have been devoted to developing a method for measuring the electric dipole moments (EDM) of the electron and the proton.   These moments are known to be very small. Any measurably large EDM would be evidence for violation of both parity (P) and time reversal (T) invariance.  Such violations are expected to be associated with the observed imbalance of particles and anti-particles in the present day universe. Appreciable deviation from zero could indicate violation of the “standard model” of elementary particle physics.  There are numerous experimental challenges, including building an all-electric lattice and compensating it to give long spin coherence times.


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